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Anthropology studies the “human condition” across space and time. Here you find anthropologist, Sue Doherty’s, featured article on the power of stories, a small collection of oral histories, various cultural landscape studies in text and photos, and her latest publication.

For the last several years, Sue’s fieldwork has been among babies to teens, mostly in the U.S., investigating wellbeing, special needs & overall development.

Sue Doherty M.A. graduated from Sonoma State University’s Department of Anthropology with a degree in Cultural Resources Management (CRM). Her thesis, an investigative project, won the Campbell Augustus Menefee Scholastic Award for Historical Research, and her oral histories have been displayed in museum exhibits and featured in local publications.

She has a B.A. in anthropology, with an emphasis in child development; and is certified in acupuncture, nutrition, and recently as a mindfulness teacher K.-5. Sue is experienced with applied behavioral analysis work with Early Start infants and toddlers, and with Easter Seals assisting special needs students K-12.

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